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Supplier Relationship Matrix
Working with suppliers to drive innovation and add value has never been more important, but raises questions over which suppliers? what sort of relationships are we aiming for? where are the obstacles? This tool is designed to help you map your supply base and classify suppliers according to how you shuld be planning relationships with them.
cpms CO2 Conversion Table
This is the beta version of our CO2 table; it is intended help you calculate the carbon footprint of your supply chains. Please test it and let us know how you get on
Purchasing versus the Budget
If you think Departmental budgets are an Accounting issue and nothing to do with Purchasing, think again. They may be making your job harder
Intra Group Trading
How many buyers find that their worst supplier is a sister company? Andy Williams looks at trading within groups of businesses
In with the New
Developing Skills for Buyers
The art of writing clear specifications
Freedom of Information Act
Just what guidance on the FOI is available for public sector buyers? Surprisingly little, we discover